• Polorized lenses cut off glare
  • Glare comes when light hits on refelctive surfaces like Glass,Water ,road, snow.
  • Polorized lenses improve contrast level and increase visiblity

Polorizes Lenses and Accidents

  • Glare is major cause of accident on road.
  • Picture Tell us Lense increase Visibility with Polorized Lenses.

Mechanisam of polorized lens

Now let us see how polorized lens works if we look at picture It allows rays Only in one Direction.

Poloroised lens mechanism

  • How it will look from Specs.
  • Lens filter don’t allow. Roaming rays To get in to eyes.

Range of polarized

Polorised availble in following types Single vision (power up to ± 6.00) Grey,brown. Progressive v soft grey/genex digital (power up to ± 4.00).Explain the customer about benefit of the polorized lenses glares

To cut of glares we need polorized lens and not A/R lens

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